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Muzika konvertuojama aukščiausios kokybės(lossless). Garso kokybė bus lygiai tokia pat kaip klausant originalaus įrašo!

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You just finished watching/listening to your favourite video on Youtube and you have a deep inner desire to have an audio version of the video that you can listen and sing to anytime and anywhere.

We are a free application provider that converts YouTube to mp3. Using our service is so uncomplicated and the process is effortless and quick. One just needs to copy and paste the link of the youtube page and click on the convert button. A few moments later there will be an mp3 file derived from the youtube video ready for download into a pc. This saves the hustle of downloading and installing software that converts youtube videos, with this application you just use the free service without wasting much time and energy.
We are a trusted brand leading the rest from the front. We guarantee you the best as we have experience with a strong background based on our numerous conversion of youtube to mp3 files and delivery of fine quality mp3s with the best quality and the highest achievable resolution.

Patience is all we require from you as it may take several seconds to 5 minutes for the mp3 file to be done and ready for you to download. Note that the time taken to fully convert a youtube video to an mp3 file depends on the size of video.
Select a youtube video that has great quality since this will determine the overall quality of the finished mp3 product. And since you want a finished product that you will always be proud of, take time to select a youtube video that is of superior quality.